What is Preliminary Development Feasibility Assessment?

Preliminary development feasibility assessment

A preliminary development feasibility assessment is a process of evaluating the potential for a proposed real estate development project. This assessment typically involves analyzing a variety of factors, including the market conditions, zoning and land use regulations, the costs of construction and development, and the potential return on investment.

The goal of a preliminary development feasibility assessment is to determine if a proposed project is economically viable, and whether it is worth pursuing further.

The assessment typically includes:

  • Market analysis - evaluating the demand for the type of property proposed and assessing the competition
  • Site analysis - reviewing the physical attributes of the site, such as zoning, topography, and soil conditions
  • Financial analysis - projecting the costs of the project, including land acquisition, construction, and carrying costs, and evaluating the potential return on investment.


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Once the preliminary assessment is completed, the property developer can use the findings to make a decision about whether to proceed with the project or to make adjustments to improve the project’s feasibility.

This assessment is a crucial step in the real estate development process as it helps the developer to evaluate the potential risks and rewards of a proposed project before incurring significant costs.

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One Minute Financial Feasibility – the above image shows a screenshot of my one-minute feaso or quick feaso. This feaso tells me what I can expect to make for each unit.

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Lead Developer Feasibility Suite – involves a lot more details and helps break down costs further in a lot more detail. It also takes into account the time value of money, for example, the cost of interest is calculated based on the time it is injected into the project rather than a flat per annum rate.