Role of a property developer

Major roles of a property developer in the society

  • Property Developers strive to understand market needs and develop suitable properties to satisfy client needs.
  • Property Developers seek to be successful by delivering adequate properties in suitable locations, at appropriate times to meet demand as it arises, with the right design, acceptable quality, and a fair price for individuals who want to buy or rent the properties.
  • They assist their clients in focusing their minds and efforts on their respective areas of expertise.


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  • Real Estate Developers relieve the burden of people finding suitable homes.
  • Real Estate developers and investors solve property management issues for those who are not experts in property matters.
  • Developers also undertake the risks of property provision and, by doing so, take those risks off others’ shoulders.
  • By using high levels of skill, property developers can improve the quality of the products they produce for the benefit of all.
  • They aid in the reduction of waste as well as inefficient resource utilisation.

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Therefore, property developers and investors provide a pool of appropriate properties to allow other members of society to pursue the whole range of human activities with greater efficiency.