What is a Quantity Surveyor?

A Quantity Surveyor (QS) in Australia is a professional who specialises in the measurement, management, and documentation of construction costs.

They are involved in the project from the initial feasibility stage to the final account. They provide cost-effective solutions and advice to clients, architects, engineers, and contractors in the construction industry.


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What does a quantity surveyor do?

Quantity Surveyors are responsible for ensuring that the project’s cost is managed effectively, providing cost-effective solutions, and providing accurate and timely information to all parties involved in the project.

They work closely with architects, engineers, project managers, and other professionals to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget.

Some of the specific tasks that a Quantity Surveyor may perform in Australia include:

Provides estimate for material costs

Quantity surveyors evaluate customer material prices by considering the type and quantity of material needed for a construction project. They advise clients on the most cost-effective project materials.

Analyse construction designs

Quantity surveyors analyse construction designs to identify material needs. Quantity surveyors can effectively study blueprints since they summarise construction projects.


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Review existing budget

Quantity surveyors typically check a company’s budget to see whether it needs improvement. They may cut or boost department funding while revising budgets.

Manage projects

Quantity surveyors supervise projects to stay on budget. They evaluate project viability, plan revisions, and costs during construction. Quantity surveyors supervise projects with architects, engineers, and builders.

Negotiate contracts

Quantity surveyors prepare and negotiate contracts between their customers and construction business to maintain the budget.


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Track expenditures

Quantity surveyors also track expenditures by creating budgets, contracts, and purchase receipts for their customers.

Examine the company’s finances.

Quantity surveyors must also extensively assess their clients’ accounts to fix any anomalies that might cause financial harm. Client financial estimates are often based on this study.

Visit construction sites

Quantity surveyors visit building sites to verify projects stay on budget and employees use all purchased materials. If not, they can order less material for a similar job.

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Role of the quantity surveyor in the construction stage

Quantity surveyors estimate and track construction costs for all building types.

Quantity surveyors understand building documents (architectural and engineering plans, drawings and specifications). They estimate and track expenses from idea to completion using construction methods and supplies.

Pre-construction or design phase

Quantity surveyors create cost plans for concept design, design development, and construction tender documents throughout pre-construction. They help evaluate and select builders and create tender documents (Bills of Quantities or schedules of rates).

Construction phase

Quantity surveyors track construction expenditures against planned categories and report on project expenses. They may also help you with monthly cash flow forecasts and progress payments.

Completion of the construction phase

Quantity surveyors can provide tax depreciation schedules and insurance replacement cost estimates after construction. They may also assist in mediation and arbitration.


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What is a quantity surveyor report?

A quantity surveyor report is a detailed document that provides a comprehensive assessment of the cost and quantity of materials, labour, and other resources required for a construction project.

The report includes a breakdown of all expenses involved in the project, such as the cost of materials, labour costs, and other expenses.

This report is prepared by a quantity surveyor, who is responsible for ensuring that the project is completed within the allocated budget and according to the client’s requirements.