QuickSell - Your Aussie Property Sale Checklist

Property Sale Checklist

1. Pre-Sale Preparation

  • Decision to Sell:

    • Confirm your decision to sell and assess the best timing based on your needs and market conditions.
  • Property Valuation:

    • Research your property’s market value.
    • Obtain at least two appraisals from different estate agents.
    • Request sales records of similar properties for comparison.

2. Choosing Professionals

  • Selecting an Agent:

    • Interview multiple agents with local experience.
    • Review and compare their marketing plans and sales records.
    • Negotiate commission rates and marketing costs.
    • Sign a sales authority after thorough review.
  • Legal and Conveyancing Representation:

    • Choose an independent legal representative for Section 32 statement.
    • Decide between professional conveyancing or a DIY kit.

3. Contractual and Marketing Arrangements

  • Review Sales Documentation:

    • Carefully review all legal documents provided by the agent.
  • Marketing Strategy:

4. Sale Process Management

  • Managing Offers:

    • Provide clear instructions to your agent about acceptable offers.
    • Discuss and review each offer carefully.
  • Contract of Sale Preparation:

    • Ensure all details are accurately included in the contract.
    • Review and approve the contract with your legal representative.


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5. Closing the Sale

  • Accepting an Offer:

    • Understand and be comfortable with the contract terms before signing.
    • Confirm the buyer’s deposit has been paid.
  • Finalizing the Sale:

    • Sign the contract of sale.
    • Coordinate with your solicitor/conveyancer for the settlement process.

6. Post-Sale Actions

  • Transfer of Ownership:

    • Ensure all legal and financial documents are processed.
    • Hand over property keys to the new owners on settlement day.

7. Preparing for Viewings

  • Property Presentation: Ensure the property is clean, tidy, and well-presented for viewings and inspections.
  • Stay Updated: Keep informed about market trends and legal updates relevant to property sales.


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