Does Lifetime Access purchase mean I never pay a subscription?

Does Lifetime Access purchase mean I never pay a subscription?

YES, if you invest or upgrade to Lifetime Access, you will never have to pay a subscription for the application. Lifetime Access purchases are for a limited time only, and the only reason we offer them is because it helps us invest in new applications.

Demo videos on Edge

We are constantly adding new demo videos to Edge, (which is free to join) and it opens up various hidden sections that are only available to signed-in users.

We have designed our apps so there is a minimal learning curve to get you started. Each screen has a built-in video you can watch as you progress.

All are available when you signup for Edge.

What if I have a specific query concerning handling a type of project?

You can create a post in the Discussion section & we will add a video response showing you how you can handle your project using our applications. (You can only see this section when logged in to Edge).

Here is what you should do before you invest in any of our applications…

Step 1: Watch the videos we already have on our product pages:

Step 2: Signup for Edge and, access all demos’.

Step 3: Clarify your doubts by asking questions specific to your project.

Step 4: Once you are ready and have clarified your doubts, sign up for a 7-Day Trial available on an annual subscription or purchase the Lifetime Access and skip the trial period altogether.