✅ How to access Lead Developer applications?

How to access Lead Developer applications?

Lead Developer apps are built using state of the art tech stack that negates the use of conventional login and password technology.

Here is how to access the application you have recently subscribed to on Lead Developer.

Step 1: Visit https://apps.leaddeveloper.com/
Step 2: Enter your registered email and click the “Sign In” button.
Step 3: Check your inbox for a magic link.
Step 4: Click the link in the email, and you will be logged in automatically.

Video walkthrough:

What happens if I don’t receive the magic link email?

  1. Please make sure you whitelist our domain leaddeveloper.com so our emails do not get caught in your spam folder.
  2. Please check if you have received other emails from us that give you access to Edge. I you have, the magic link email is already on it’s way.
  3. If you don’t receive any email at all, please create a support ticket.

Chances are that either…

  1. You entered the wrong email address.
  2. Your internet service provider marked our email address as SPAM. This can be easily resolved by adding [email protected] & [email protected] to your contact list in Gmail, Outlook etc.

I already have access to Lead Developer apps, but I just signed up for a new application. How do I access the new app?

  1. Please make sure that you have signed up using the same email address you currently use to access other apps.
  2. Login to https://apps.leaddeveloper.com/
  3. Go to Account > Sync Access
  4. Any newly subscribed application will now show up on your dashboard.

If you get stuck, please create a support ticket.