Google Sheets Gantt Chart

Dynamic Google Sheets Gantt Chart

Lead Gantt is everything you wanted in a Google Sheet Gantt Chart. Built with speed, simplicity, and modules, Lead Gantt is the best Excel and Google Sheet Gantt Chart.

It’s an ImperfectlyPerfect Gantt Chart For Google Sheets.

We know you will love it as it includes all basic & (most used) advanced features as well as the ability to link & roll up project schedules from multiple Lead Gantt projects into one parent project, including:

  • Dependencies, Predecessors & Lag

  • Dynamic Expansion

  • Reminders For Responsible Person

  • Email Rows

  • Milestones | Risks | Highlights

  • Roll Up Gantt - Roll-Up dates features allows you to make various Lead Gantt charts and then roll up the tasks into any of your existing Lead Gantt.

  • Baseline Vs Actual

  • Templates & Checklist Runs - Coming Soon

Imperfectly Perfect Gantt Chart For Google Sheets

Lead Gantt - Google sheet Gantt chart in action

We Know You Will Love It As It Includes All Basic & Important… Advance Features A Google Sheets Gantt Chart Must Include…

Master Sheets

Create Master Data for contacts, resources, stages & holiday dates. Enter resource email addresses to quickly and easily send on-the-spot reminders as well as set reminders for future dates.

Dynamic - Google Sheets Gantt Chart

Lead Gantt is a fully dynamic Google Sheets Gantt Chart. It is divided into sections. And you can add as many sections as you like, you can add rows & columns, and Gantt chart will expand to accommodate the length of your project.

Adding Quick Links, Reference Files And Checklists In Google Sheets Gantt Chart

Lead Gantt allows you to add quick links for reference files, checklists & other relevant documents to a task, so you can access them quickly and easily.

Workdays, Dependencies, Lag And Dynamic Google Sheets Gantt Chart

Easily set dependencies by allocating predecessors and lag time for each task. You can also individually select a start date for each task. Lead Gantt will dynamically update all start and end dates for your project based on your inputs.

Milestones, Risks & Highlights - Google Sheets Gantt Chart

Easily mark tasks as milestones at risk, highlight them for team members or a combination of milestones at risk or highlighted milestones.

Generate Weekly & Monthly Dynamic Gantt Chart In Google Sheets

Easily generate dynamic monthly and or weekly Gantt charts in google sheets. Lead Gantt shows combined views of the baseline Gantt chart and the actual Gantt chart view in one Google Sheet.

Emailing Rows As Reminders In Google Sheets Gantt Chart

You can easily send any task row as a reminder to the responsible person from within Lead Gantt - Google Sheets Gantt Chart. Easily one of my favourite features of Lead Gantt that I use to get on the spot task updates as well as send instant reminders to task owners.

Scheduling Reminders In Google Sheets Gantt Chart

Schedule automatic reminders to be sent to task owners on specific dates or set a number of days before the task start or end date. The reminders are automatically sent on the specified date at 8am in the morning, even if you are not logged in your project sheet at the time.

Projects, Sub-Projects And Roll-up Gantt Chart In Google Sheets

Any Lead Gantt project can be used as a main project or a mini-project or a sub-project. Each individual team can work on their own separate Lead Gantt independently and then roll-up their updates into your main or moth project.

Linking Mini And Sub-Projects To Main Project

Easily link and connect mini and sub-projects to your main project. The connected and rolled-up Gantt Charts appear with orange sub-header and can be updated from within the main project to fetch updated task status of each linked Lead Gantt. An automatic link to the connected Lead Gantt is available to quickly access the linked mini or sub project.

Baseline Vs Actual In Google Sheets Gantt Chart

Lead Gantt is designed so you can 1) Create a project plan in Google Sheets Gantt Chart and set it as your baseline. And when you are ready, simply 2) Start Your Project to create an Actual sheet. As the project progresses make all edits to work days and start dates in your project’s Actual sheet. This enables us to track projects against our planned project or project baseline.

Pick Template

Lead Gantt - Google Sheets Gantt Chart allows you to use any completed project as a template. Simply click Pick Template & point to a previously completed Lead Gantt, and a new project will be created using the Actual sheet of a previously complete project as a Baseline for your new project.

Collaborate, Share And Comment In Google Sheets Gantt Chart

Lead Gantt is built to utilise and leverage off built in Google Sheet features. This enables you to Collaborate, Share And Comment In Google Sheets Gantt Chart. You can also publish any Lead Gantt as an html page and share with all project stake holders.

Lead Gantt - Interface

Here is a walk through Lead Gantt’s Interface. Built to maximise Google Sheet features and apart from being a Gantt Chart, Lead Gantt doubles as a task and workflow manager.

No Hassles, No Fuss This Google Sheet Gantt Chart…

Just Does It For You

For Most Project Managers, Lead Gantt Is All You Will Need To Create Beautiful & Functional
Google Sheet Gantt Charts For…

Project Planning & Scheduling In Google Sheets

Use It To Plan Projects In Google Sheets. Schedule Projects, Create Work Break Down Structures And Save Previously Completed Projects As Project Plan Templates For Google Sheets.

Managing Tasks, Checklists & Workflows In Google Sheets

Lead Gantt - Google Sheets Gantt Chart Is Designed To Be Used And Re-Used As A Task Manager, Checklist Manager As Well As To Create Workflows For Repetitive Tasks And Easily Link To Any Project In Google Sheets.

Managing Projects, Mini-Projects & Sub-Projects

Use Lead Gantt - Google Sheets Gantt Chart To Run A Single Project Or Create Multiple Mini & Sub-Projects. Link And Roll-Up All Updates From All Mini An Sub-Projects Into Your Mother Or Main Project In Google Sheets.

All Without Ever Leaving Your Favourite Google Sheets