🌏 Flag Emoji's

Most content available via Lead Developer is universal & timeless i.e. The property investment and development principles can be applied in any part of the world and have been valid for years and will apply in the future.

Where a module is specific to a particular country, you will find the flag emoji of that country in the module heading.

Property Development System is designed to work anywhere in the world :earth_asia:.

It Has Been Successfully Tested In Australia :australia:, New Zealand :new_zealand:, Canada :canada:, USA :us:, UK :uk:, South Africa :south_africa: & Most Asian Countries.

Lead Developer: the real estate development/investment feasibility suite has been designed to be used internationally with fully customisable cost heads, currency and tax rates.

The principles behind becoming a successful property developer are exactly the same around the world, irrespective of where you are or what type of property development (or investment) you plan to focus on.

What changes from place to place are only local processes to deal with local authorities. these local processes can change from state to state.